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Shipping costs

The shipping cost for each order is dependent on the total purchase value of the ordered items. During the order process the shipping cost will be indicated.

Shipping costs for total purchase value (only shipping within Germany):
up to 25,00 Euro = 4,45 Euro
up to 50,00 Euro = 5,45 Euro

over 50,00 Euro = free of shipping charges (only shipping within Germany)

Shipping costs to European countries other than Germany:
Please choose your country in the list at the end of the site.

Delivery of small parcels and packages up to 2 kg and everything with a shipping cost greater than 4,45 Euro is made by parcel service within Germany. The shipping cost that applies to the order is shown on the order form. All fees such as the shipping costs and the fee for payment on delivery are additional costs and are not determined or charged by us.

The following special charges cannot be dispayed in the shop system due to technical issues:

* CH, delivery within ca 24-48 hour Euro 25 up to 2 kg inkl. customs clearance handling each Package, Additional cost for PLZ 7560, 7562 + 7563 = 50 Euro for the 1. packet.

* France island, delivery within approx 72 hours Euro 25,--

* Packages in Germany send to islands have an additional cost of 8,- Euro.

For more information on tariffs please contact us.

Para exibir custos de envio, por favor escolha um país de entrega.

shipping costs

Cálculo Preço total
para 25,00 EUR 4,45 EUR
de 25,00 EUR para 50,00 EUR 5,45 EUR
de 50,00 EUR para 9.000,00 EUR 0,00 EUR
de 9.000,00 EUR - Sem Envio -